Client: NEM Europe BVBA and Foundation Ltd.

Symbol is a feature-rich development platform to integrate blockchain capabilities in new or existing projects with lightweight code, built on learnings from NEM NIS1.

Since it's first open-source release back in May 2018, I have authored numerous tutorials, how-to guides, technical references, and explanations to onboard new developers.

After a year, I designed the new product site information structure and own the documentation roadmap. I managed a small team of content producers working very closely with the open-source community and internal development and marketing departments to enhance the developer experience of the product.

In addition to this, I have implemented an automated docs-as-code workflow for authoring, localizing, reviewing, versioning, and publishing new documents.

Working with David is amazing!

David worked with us as the Lead for Documentation and helped us build Frontend Applications documenting- and testing systems. David is also a talented writer / author. He knows very well how to make use of his talents for professional matters.

Grégory Saive - Head of Development at