Client: NEM Europe BVBA and Foundation Ltd.

Symbol is a feature-rich development platform to integrate blockchain capabilities in new or existing projects with lightweight code, built on learnings from NEM NIS1.

Key results

  • Launched Symbol's blockchain developer portal and owned the product documentation roadmap from 2018 to 2020.

  • Authored numerous tutorials, how-to guides, technical references, and explanations to onboard developers, system integrators, and internal employees.

  • Worked closely with engineering, product, and our users to improve the developer experience and API design of our products.

  • Contributed to make the project open-source, managing the repositories and open-source contributions from

The NEM Foundation and NEM Community has always depended on David -- although most don't know it. He is not one for thunderous applause. He is behind the scenes creating content, outlining curriculum, overseeing the many ways engineers and community connect with code. He is a collaborator, a builder, a mentor, a teacher, an engineer, and one of the best employees NEM ever had.

He delivers better than anyone I've ever managed. He is respected by our teams, communities, and Core Team.

I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to work with David because not only did he impact the brand but I personally learned a lot from him.

Alex Tinsman - President at Foundation