David Garcia Profile Picture

David helps tech companies to enhance the developer experience of their APIs by combining SDKs, libraries, and documentation.

Recent clients include ScyllaDB, NEM, and Symbol. Before becoming an independent consultant, he co-founded ProduccionOnline.com 🎧 and worked as a software engineer at Atraura Labs🚀, where he learned to value clean code, refuse over-engineering, and turn ideas into viable products.

Graduated from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, David holds a degree in Informatics Engineering. He enjoys contributing to open-source projects and writes about and writes about API Design, Developer Experience (DX), and Docs-as-Code at The API Documentation blog.

You can find David on Twitter, Linkedin, and GitHub, or send him an email to hi@davidgarcia.dev



  • Python, Bash, TDD & BDD
  • HTML5, CSS & TypeScript
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • Docker & Git
  • GitHub Actions


  • OpenAPI, Stoplight & Postman
  • reStructuredText & MarkDown
  • Sphinx, Docusaurus & ReDoc
  • Vale linter


  • Django, Django REST & Flask
  • Angular & ReactiveX
  • Bootstrap & TailwindCSS


  • DigitalOcean, Google Cloud & AWS
  • NEM, Symbol & MultiChain