David Garcia Profile Picture

I am passionate about helping companies create developer-friendly products by combining APIs, SDKs, and documentation. My goal is to empower developers by providing them with the right tools and documentation to build better software.

My recent clients include companies such as ScyllaDB, Alation, and Finboot. Before becoming an independent consultant, I spent seven years honing my skills at the intersection of software engineering, product, and marketing. With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and being a Certified Technical Communication Professional (CTCP) myself, I am equipped to bridge the gap between technical expertise and effective communication.

I enjoy contributing to open-source projects and sharing my experience on technical writing, developer experience (DX), and Docs as Code at The Software Documentation Blog.


  • Documenting software products: platforms, libraries, APIs, and SDKS.
  • Defining writing practices, standards, and procedures.
  • Setting up developer portals and documentation sites.
  • Autogenerating documentation from code.
  • Developing tools to boost developers' productivity.


  • Docs as Code
  • Test-driven development
  • Behaviour-driven development
  • Agile development


  • Python
  • HTML5, SCSS & TypeScript
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • Git & GitHub
  • Docker

Documentation tools

  • OpenAPI & AsyncAPI specification
  • reStructuredText, MarkDown & AsciiDoc
  • Sphinx, Docusaurus & Antora
  • Stoplight, Postman & ReDoc
  • Vale linter


  • Django, Django REST & Flask
  • Angular & ReactiveX
  • Bootstrap & TailwindCSS


  • DigitalOcean, Google Cloud & AWS
  • GitHub Pages & Actions
  • NEM, Symbol & MultiChain